How to use discussions with Outlook

Discussions can be a great way to communicate with a team using SharePoint.  However, it can be more active if you connect it to Outlook so users don't have to log into SharePoint to participate.  The steps to set this up are below. 

  1. Log into your SharePoint team site and navigate to a discussion page. 
  2. Click on the "List" tab ribbon and select "Connect to Outlook"

  3. A dialog window will pop up (in the browser) asking for permission to open Outlook, click allow.
  4. Another dialog window will pop up (in Outlook) asking if you want to connect the discussion board, click yes.
  5. Outlook will automatically switch to "folder view" and open the discussion thread.  This is important because the default view is the email view.  To switch back to the folder view later, you will need to click the ellipses next to the view icons at the bottom left of Outlook and choose "Folders."  This will show SharePoint lists including the discussion thread. 

  6. To participate in a conversation, click either the new post to start a new thread or post reply button on an existing thread.  Don't click the "reply" button unless you want to respond directly to the person privately outside of the discussion thread. 


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    Jeffrey Hogan

    Thanks this is very straight forward and helps put things back in outlook where many are most comfortable!

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