Creating a New Order

Due to the current development cycle of the Technology Purchasing site, the instructions below may differ from the current version that is deployed. 

The Technology Purchasing website can be accessed by following these directions:  

Once you login, you will be prompted with a list of your current orders.  This list also shows you the current order status, the Budget Manager Approval status, and a brief summary of the order information.  To create a new order, click the Enter New Order button at the top-left of the screen.  

The ORDER GENERAL INFORMATION page will allow you to configure the order details.

  • In the Custodian section, please enter the name of the individual that will primarily using the device.
  • The Contact Tel No.: section is reserved for the phone number of the specified Custodian.  
  • Select the Requester Index Code for your specific department.
  • The User Notes section can be used to enter any miscellaneous notes that you would like to add to the order.  

Once the information above is completed, please click the Submit button in the top right hand corner.  You will be automatically redirected to the Order Details page.

The Order Details page will allow to select the items you wish to order from OIT.  Click the Add Item button to add an item to your order.  You will now see a drop down list as shown below.  Select the equipment you would like to order and enter a quantity in the Qty Ordered field.  Click Submit and the order will be submitted.  At this time, you will not see a notification that the order was successful.  

  • If you select Other:::Non Standard Device is selected from the drop down menu, after clicking Submit you will be prompted with a small area where you can add the description of the item you are requesting.  Please be descriptive and add the model number if possible.  

NOTE: Descriptions for each item in the Equip-Model list can be found by clicking the Product Availability and Detailed Description on the Order Details Page.  


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