Network Access Requests

Access to network shares and shared email accounts can be requested by using the Network Access Request form located in Atlas.  Only approving managers have access to this form.  Depending on the approver of a share, access can take 5-7 days to be granted.  

Go to Atlas at and enter your Atlas credentials into the Username and Password boxes as shown below.


Once in Atlas, click the Employees tab near the top of the page.  


Navigate to the Employee Support channel on the left side of the screen and expand Service Requests to access the Banner & Network Access Request.


Select Network Resources from the next screen:


Select the employee that you would like to request access for from the drop down box and click Submit Emp.  If the employee that you are requesting access for is a Part-Time or Workstudy, please enter the employees VID in the box at the bottom and click Submit VID.  


Clicking the button Network Shares as shown in the screenshot below will open up a new sub-menu.  


Choose the Network Resource that you would like to request access for by clicking the green arrow pointing down and click the green Submit at the bottom of the page.  

Please contact the Service Desk at x5555 or email if you have any issues during this process.  


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