Office 365 - Installation instructions for Macintosh based computers

Office 365 requires Mac OS X v10.6 and Higher
(Snow Leopard/Lion/Mountain Lion/Mavericks/Yosemite)
Apple's Safari 9.0.2 was used with the following instructions.


To install Microsoft Office 365 on a computer running Apple Mac OS X, perform the steps outlined below

  • Open Safari 



  • Hover your mouse over the O365/Email Icon on the Top Right Corner and Click on Office 365 from the drop down menu.


  • Click "Install Now"


  • You'll start downloading a setup file. A Microsoft pop-up will appear in the middle of the window, but if you look at your Dock, you'll notice the Office 365 file is downloading.



  • Once the download is complete, you'll see a Box called Downloads on your Dock. Click and open it and Run Microsoft Office pkg (Package).



  • When you run the O365 setup pkg, you notice a Hard Drive Icon on your Dock. A setup window will appear to help you install the software. Click Continue.



  • The window will provide you with the Software License Agreement. Read it and Click Continue. It will ask you to agree. Click Agree.



  • It will ask you where you want Office 365 to be install and whether you want it used by all users on your computer. Typically, you want it available for all users on your computer and install it at its default location. Click Continue.



  • On the next window, its a confirmation of the installation. If you would like to change the location click Change Install Location otherwise Click Install.



  • Once you've clicked Install, you'll be prompted for your personal username and password to your computer. Whom manages or is an administrator for your computer will have this information. Click Install Software



  • While it currently being installed, you'll see the installation window below.



  • Once the installation is complete, you'll see this window. Click Close.


  • Now we need to activate Office 365. Open up Launchpad from your Dock, then Click and Open on Microsoft Word.



  • Once Microsoft Word is Open, it'll provide you with new features added. Click Get Started. On the next window, Click Sign In to activate.



  • A prompt will ask you to provide an Email Address. Enter your Valencia College Email address in the following format.



  • Within the same window, Atlas Login will appear. Enter your Atlas Username and Password to continue to activate Microsoft Office 365.



  •  If you've reach this window, Congratulations! You have successfully installed Microsoft Office 365!! 


Valencia College does not provide support for personal devices. The following information is provided as a courtesy. OIT and Valencia College assume no liability for use or misuse of this information.


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