I processed this student as no show, why am I getting a Missing Last Date of Attendance email?

Check your class roster to see the current status of the student in your class. Follow the steps below to check the status of a student in your class.  There are 3 status types with different steps below:

To start, click the student's name in your final class roster:

  1. If the final grade field is blank for the student:
    1. Look at the right hand side of the screen for the student status. It should say registered.
    2. The student is currently registered in your class and not withdrawn.
    3. To withdraw the student, enter a final grade of "W" and a last date of attendance.
  2. If the final grade field has a final grade of "F" or "I":
    1. Final grades of "F" and "I" require a last date of attendance. Enter a last date of attendance in the Last Attend field.
  3. If the student withdrew self via their Atlas account:
    1. Look at the right hand side of the screen to see the student status. You will see a description of the registration status here. Students who withdraw themselves via their Atlas account will show up on your class roster with the registration description.
    2. A last date of attendance needs to be entered for this student if the last attend field is blank.
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