Where do I enter a Last Date of Attendance?

Last Date of Attendance Video

  1. Log into your Atlas account
  2. Click on the Faculty Tab then on the Faculty and Advisor Services link
  3. Select final grades
  4. Select the CRN to be graded
  5. Enter the Last Date of Attendance on the Final Grade tab under the Last Attend Date column.
  6. Click on the empty line, a calendar will pop up for you to select the Last Date of Attendance.

(Final Grade will have a final grade of 'W' or have the wording "Not Gradable" )

Saving your changes

  1. Check to see if there are other withdrawn students in your class who need a Last Date of Attendance and enter their dates as well.
  2. Click on Save/Submit to save your entries.
  3. Check the top right side of the screen to verify you receive the "Save Successful" message under Notifications.
  4. If you don't receive the "Save Successful" message, your entries have not been saved; a last date of attendance is missing or there is an incorrect entry. Click on Notifications to see the reason (error) why your entry was not saved.
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