Presenting Video during a Lync Meeting

The recommended way to share video clips in Lync 2013 is to use PowerPoint 2013 presentations. PowerPoint 2013 has the ability to embed video clips into a presentation and share that presentation through Lync 2013.

There are some steps that need to be followed to ensure the video will play when shared in Lync 2013 meetings. Just because the video plays from PowerPoint on the desktop will not guarantee that the video will play successfully in Lync. This is because Lync 2013 uses the PowerPoint Web Application to display the PowerPoint presentation and embedded video. Follow these steps to ensure your video will play in your Lync 2013 meeting.

  • In PowerPoint 2013, select Insert from the Ribbon and then choose Video then select Video on My PC from the sub-menu. Please note that Online Video may not play correctly when shared in Lync 2013.

  • Browse to the location of the video file that you would like to embed and click the Insert button. Note that .mp4 and .wmv are the recommended file types though others may work.

  • The video file will now be embedded into the slide selected.  
  • Note that playback options can be accessed via the Playback tab. For best results, it is recommended to have the option for Start: set to On Click as this will allow sufficient time to buffer before playing.

  • Select File in the upper right corner.

  •  Select Optimize Compatibility as shown below.

  • A new window will show up with a progress bar. Once the Optimization is complete, click the Close button in the lower right corner. 

  •  Now click the Compress Media button as shown below.

  •  From the sub-menu, select Internet Quality

  • Save the PowerPoint presentation to your desktop.  
  • Return to the meeting's Lync window and place the cursor over the monitor icon and select PowerPoint from the sub-menu.

  •  Select the PowerPoint presentation containing the video you would like to present.

  •  Click the Play button to start playing the embedded video.  

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