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  1. bb-email-01.PNGEnter a course in which you have instructor access.
    • You may access a course and email students from Blackboard as soon as you see it in your list of courses, even if the course is not yet open to students.
  2. Click on Course Tools in the course’s Control Panel.
  3. Click on Send Email.
  4. Select All Users to send an email to all users enrolled in the Blackboard course.

  5. The text editor will appear and let you specify the subject line and body of the message.
    1. Note the From field. This is what students will see as your email address.
    2. The message that is sent will appear to come from your email address ending in This is known as your Atlas Email Address.
  6. To attach an item, such as your syllabus, click on the Attach a file link under the body of the message.
  7. Click Submit when finished.
      1. Students will receive the message in their Atlas Email.
      2. The subject line of the message will be automatically prefixed with the name of the course.
      3. You will receive a copy of the message and all replies in your email account (Atlas Email Account).

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