I am having trouble uploading a document to my Faculty Frontdoor site. Why won't it upload correctly?

To avoid trouble uploading a document or if a user is unable to download a file from your Faculty Frontdoor site, please check the file for the following items: 

  • File Size - Check to make sure the file size is not too large.   Large files can be too large to download for users with slow connections.  Additionally, the file size limit per file is 20MB. 
  • File Name - Check the file name for spaces.  Replace the spaces with underscores, dashes or use CapitalCase.  Also, make sure the file name is not too long.  Long file names can cause issues for users on older computers and are also more likely to be corrupted when downloading. Check for special characters and remove or replace them (!@#$%^&*+?). 
  • File Type - Check the file type by making sure there is a file extension.  For example:  filename.pdf; where ".pdf" defines the type of file as a PDF or Portable Document Format. 
  • Zipped Files - If you have multiple files you would like to upload or if all of the above fail, try zipping your file(s) with WinZip or DropStuff.  Then upload the ZIP file. 
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