Sending an Interim Progress Notification

Sending an Interim Progress Notification

Note:  It is highly recommended that an interim progress notification of "Below C" be sent to the student as well as assigning the student a grade in the Midterm Grades function. This notification is sent to the student's Atlas account as an e-mail, and can be used as a reminder for students to check their midterm grades.

  1. Access Atlas.
  2. Click on the Faculty tab, then in the Faculty Tools channel locate the Progress Report Email templates.
  3. Copy and paste the message(s) you wish to send in a separate document.
  4. Access Blackboard.
  5. Use the email tool in Blackboard to send email to your students.  You can access your class list and email your entire class or one student at a time.
  6. Paste the message from the template into your email and edit as needed.
  7. If you need help with how to email using Blackboard, see this FAQ.
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