Processing No Show Students

Processing No Show Students

Please follow these procedures for documenting "No Show" students.

Each term you will be notified of a date range in which these procedures should be completed for each part of term. Check the Important Dates Calendar for the no show dates.

Enter "Last Date of Attendance" as the system will record the date and indicate the withdrawal as a "WN" which will identify the student as "Withdrawn-No Show".

  1. Log in to Atlas.
  2. Click on the Faculty tab, then on Faculty and Advisor Services, then on Final Grades.


  3. You will now see all the courses you have taught in the past as well as the courses you are currently teaching:

  4. Make sure you select Final Grades Tab in the top of the page:

  5. You can sort the course information on this screen by clicking on the arrows in the gray heading.  process-no-show_image005.png
  6. Select the course CRN, you will now see the students enrolled in this course as well as the course information summary to the right of the screen:      


    Once you click on a course, depending on the number of courses on your screen, you may need to scroll down to get to the roster for the course you clicked on.


  7. Select the student you want to withdraw as a no show by clicking on the student's name:

  8. Click on the down arrow in the final grade to see all the available grades:

  9. Select "W" using the drop-down arrow next to the Final Grade option.  Also enter a last date of attendance, enter today's date for No Shows.


    A last date of attendance is required to withdraw a student, including No Shows. Enter the 1st day of the part of term for No Shows, once the system processes the student to show a "WN" final grade it will remove the last date attendance you entered. For regular withdrawals enter the last date they attended class and the system will keep this date.

    If processing a no show after the no show reporting period has ended for a part of term, enter the final grade of W and the 1st day of the term as the last date of attendance. Obtain a change of grade form from you dean’s office, complete the form with a WN and send the completed form to the registrar’s office. 

  10. Scroll down to the bottom of your list and Click on the gray Save button.
  11. You will immediately see a notification on the top right hand side of the screen regarding the changes you are trying to save:

    1. The error is indicating that the last date of attendance entered does not fall within the start and end dates of course.
    2. Correct the date and resubmit, you will continue to see the notification of the error on the top right of the screen until it's corrected:

  12. You can always check the Notifications on the top right of the screen to verify that all your changes have been saved successfully, to see the following message:


Note: An automatic process will run to look for "Ws" given to students within the specified date range. These students will be processed as "no shows". Once this process is complete, the students Registration Status/Date on your Final grade lists will change to "Withdrawn-No Show". The grade will automatically populate as a "WN".

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