Inputting Final Grades

Inputting Final Grades

  1. To access final grades, you must log into Atlas
  2. Go to the Faculty tab and find the Faculty Grade Assignment channel.
  3. To limit the terms that are shown in the channel, click the edit button in the upper right-hand corner of the channel. Select the term you wish to enter grades for to make it easier to view your current courses in the channel. After selecting the term, click apply to save your settings, then to return to the channel contents.
  4. Make sure you select "Final Grades" from the drop down box and click GO to view the courses that need final grade entries
  5. The icon to the right of the course name will tell you at a glance the status of grades for that course.
    1. The no enrollment icon (red circle with a dash --  Inputting-Final-Grades-no-enrollment-icon.png) shows that no students have registered for the course. This icon is not clickable.
    2. The grades not started icon (green triangle with a question mark -- Inputting-Final-Grades-not-started-icon.png) shows that grade entry has not started for the course. Click on this icon to go to the grade worksheet to enter final grades.
    3. The grades started icon (yellow triangle with an exclamation point -- Inputting-Final-Grades-grades-started-icon.png) shows that grade entry has been started, but not completed for the course. Click on this icon to go to the grade worksheet to enter final grades.
    4. The grades entered icon (red box with green check mark -- Inputting-Final-Grades-grades-entered-icon.png) shows that all grades have been entered, but have not yet rolled to academic history.
    5. The grades completed icon (blue check mark -- Inputting-Final-Grades-grades-completed-icon.png) shows that final grade entry has been completed and rolled to academic history for this course. Click this icon to view the final grades that were rolled to history.
    6. The not gradable icon (red circle with an "x" -- Inputting-Final-Grades-not-gradable-icon.png) shows that students have registered but the class is not gradable. This icon is not clickable.
  6. To enter final grades, click on the icon to the right of the course.
  7. Your class roster will appear. Select the grade you wish to give the student using the drop-down arrow next to the grade field.
  8. If the student has withdrawn, enter the last date of attendance.
    1. Note 1: To withdraw a student, use the final grade tool (see Withdrawing a Student).
    2. Note 2: The last attendance date cannot be later than the last day of final exams in the term.
    3. Note 3: The following grades require a last date of attendance:  I, F, W and SD.
    4. Note 4: To process a no show, use the final grade tool (see Processing No Show students)
  9. Click submit grades to save your grades. Please submit grades often. There is a 30-minute time limit on this page.
  10. Once you have submitted your grades, a confirmation will appear at the top right of the screen in the Notification Center, reading "Save Successful".

If you have any questions or issues with inputting final grades, please contact

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