How to set up Google Analytics for Your Web Site

Web Statistics using Google Analytics

google-analytics-chart.PNGWeb site statistics at Valencia College are managed by Google Analytics.  Google Analytics is a free Web site monitoring software application that allows you to place a code on each page of your site and track those pages is a number of ways.   You can get data about which pages are the most visited, where users were referred from, and track the number of contacts made through your site.

The easiest way to get the statistics for your site is to set up a monthly email report summary.   The OIT Web team can set this up with a simple Web request.   You can also request access to your Google Analytics site to get more in depth data.  If you want access, you will need to have a Google account associated with your Valencia email address. 

Email Report (Summary)
The email report is sent to you or any email of your choice on a monthly basis.  This report contains a summary of the traffic data from your site.  The data included in the email report includes the following:

  1. Top visited pages
  2. Bounce rate
  3. Document downloads
  4. Total visits and page views by date
  5. Search Engine Keywords
  6. Search Engine referrals
  7. Referrals by source
  8. Social media referrals
  9. US Map showing visits by location
  10. Visits by city
  11. Visits by browser

If the email summary report does not contain the data you need, you will need to request access to the Google Analytics site.  

Google Analytics Access (In depth)
When you access the Google Analytics site, you can get much more detailed traffic data.  You can drill down into some of the information to get precise information about a page or content on that page.  If you need help using Google Analytics, please refer to the help site linked below. 

Event Tracking for Marketing Purposes
If you have an event or promotional campaign, you may want to track traffic on your Web site during that time to get an idea of how successful it is.  This can be done using Google Analytics.  However, there are many other components that are not a part of Google Analytics.  This is where the marketing department can help.  Please consult with marketing to track a specific campaign or event.



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