How do I back up my Faculty Web Site using Secure Client Access?

How do I back up my Faculty Web site using Secure Client Access?


The easiest way to backup your site would be to zip the entire site, download that zip, then delete the zip & the files you no longer need from the web server.

To do this via the Secure Client Access site:
1. Log into your account at
2. When you're at the root level of your site (which you will be as soon as you log in, change the Show "25" Entries to "250" so you can see all your folders.
3. Click "Check All" button to select all the files & folders.
4. Click the "Zip" button to create a zip of all the files & folders you selected.
5. By default, this creates in the root of your site.
6. Download that .zip file
7. Delete the .zip file you backed up & then delete any unneeded files from your site.

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