My Atlas e-mail appears in "Lite" mode. How can I change it?

The Atlas email in LIVE “Lite” mode is an ADA Acessibility version of the normal mode. When in this mode certain features like Creating Rules for e-mail redirecting are unavailable.

This may have happened if there was a slow connection to the server through your ISP or any slowness along the ""information highway."" This will cause the “Use the blind and low vision experience” setting to be checked in your Options.

You can change this as follows:

  • Login to Atlas and open up your Live@EDU email. 
  • Click ""Options"" at the top-right.
  • Click ""Accessibility"" at the far-left.
  • And ensure “Use the blind and low vision experience” is UNCHECKED
  • Then click ""Save"".

Once done you will need to logout and completely close your browser, then log back in for the changes to take effect.

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