How do I create a signature file in Outlook and my Atlas e-mail?

Valencia College's Marketing and Strategic Communications Department has established approved signature and suggested e-mail template styles for e-mail. These guidelines are found at:

Click on the following for how to crate a signature:

MS Outlook 2010: Create a signature

MS Outlook 2007: Create and add an e-mail message signature

If using Outlook Web Access click on Options and under the E-Mail Signature enter your signature and be sure to click on Save in the upper left.

In your Atlas e-mail click on Options > Settings and under the E-Mail Signature enter your signature and be sure to click on Save in the lower right.

Special Note:

If you have created a signature inside the Atlas System when e-mailing your classes or groups you will want to update that, too

  • Click on the My Courses or Groups
  • Select the Course or Group
  • On the left side select E-mail
  • Select the Student(s) or Member(s) to be e-mailed
  • Click Send E-mail
  • In the resulting Compose E-mail window scroll to the bottom and click Edit Signature
  •   Update your signature and click Save
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