How do I create a custom Group (Distribution List) in the Atlas e-mail system?

Just like Distribution Lists in Outlook, you can create a custom Group in Atlas e-mail - here's how:

  • Login to Atlas.
  • Click the Email button to access your '' account.
  • At the very top, click 'Mail' and choose 'Contacts'.
  • Click the arrow next to 'New' and select 'Group'
  • Enter a 'Group Name'
  • Enter the Members by typing in email address and clicking 'Add to Group' or by clicking 'Members' and selecting them from the address book.
  • Once all members have been added, click on 'Save and Close'.

 How to send an email to a custom Group:

  • Open a New message window
  • Click the 'To...' button
  • Click 'Contacts' on the left
  • Double click the preferred Group and click Ok
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