MY COURSES: How do I email all the students in a single course at once?

To send a single email to an single course in one step, log in to Atlas, then:

  1. Click on the My Courses tab
  2. Under the My Courses section, click ""Click here to:"" link to view your courses
  3. Select the course you wish to email
  4. Under Course tools, select E-Mail
  5. A list of enrolled students will appear. Check Select All or the individual student(s), then Send Email.

  6. The Compose E-mail window will appear. This message will be sent (Bcc) to the students you selected even though their names are not displayed in the 'Bcc' field. Feel free to add any other recipients, but remember that any addresses you add to the 'To' or 'Cc' fields will be visible to all recipients of the message.
  7. Complete the subject line and message
  8. Spell check, add attachments, a signature, and request read receipt.
  9. Click Send to Email the selected recipients.

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