MY COURSES: I teach multiple classes of the same course. How do I email them all at once?

If you have multiple classes of the same subject and need to email them all at once instead of one class at a time, use the following steps:

  • Open your courses under the My Courses tab using the link in the My Courses channel.
  • Click the My Consolidated Courses link at the top right of the screen.

  • Check the boxes next to each of the classes that are the same or the classes that you want to send an email to all at once, then click the ""Create"" button.
  • When you get to the consolidated course screen, you must create a consolidated course name and consolidated course title. You will reference these names later when you use the consolidated courses later.
  • Verify that the courses you want to consolidate are checked, then click the ""Create"" button.
  • Once you are finished creating the consolidated course, you access the consolidated course list by using the My Consolidated Courses link at the top right of the My Courses area.
  • To use the consolidated course, simply click on the consolidated course you created and you can use it the same way you use one course. Any changes, emails, or announcements, etc. will be reflected in all courses in that consolidated course.
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