Options for Playing Back Voice Mails

Because the voice mail (whether you are on the Lync Phone system or the Nortel Phone) all resides in your Valencia College e-mail account on MS Exchange.

This feature has some terrific benefits for being able to access your voice messages:

  • To listen to the voice mail through your computer’s speakers just open the message and click on the play arrow.
  • If you are in a situation where playing a voice message through your speakers may violate privacy requirements, or it is just too noisy, click on the Play on Phone option (this does not require you to log onto the voice messaging system via the telephone handset). When the box opens up enter the phone number of the phone you are using. 
  • Of course there is always the option of dialing into the voice messaging system from your telephone. For Nortel users the extension to dial is x1805. Lync phone users will dial x5205
  • Forwarding the voice mail to a person cannot get easier - Just forward it as an e-mail!
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