Microsoft Forefront Online Protection

Valencia scans all e-mail with

Microsoft Forefront Online Protection

This added layer of protection for the College will be the primary SPAM filter so you will receive a MS Forefront Quarantined Summary. (The Barracuda SPAM filter will be the secondary and it is possible you may receive a summary from it, on occasion.) The subject line will be “Spam quarantine Notification:” with the number of new messages. When that happens open the e-mail, review what is being quarantined and if you decide there is one that needs to be delivered you only need to click on “Move to Inbox” at which time you will be asked for a user name and password. (Note: The password does not sync automatically (single sign-on) you’ll need to know your password or request it from the system. Click on “Need your password?)

Valencia continues to use the Barracuda Spam Firewall as a secondary layer of protection. When something is quarantined you will receive a Quarantined message notification from the Barracuda system advising you.

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