How do I configure my e-mail client at home to read my Valencia e-mail?

Accessing your Valencia e-mail from a computer off campus just got easier. Server configurations have recently been completed permitting the use of Outlook when off campus.

The following configuration is for Outlook on a Windows Operating System and is provided as a matter of courtesy. If you determine you need technical assistance please contact your personal computer support resource. OIT cannot, and does not, support non college owned computers.

Before you begin be sure that:

·     all security patches are current

·     all service packs for the OS and the Office Suite have been installed

·     an antivirus program is installed and the antivirus definitions are current

·     you never share your password


How to configure your laptop or home PC for use with the Valencia College e-mail system (your method may vary)


·     Close Outlook

·     In Control Panel find and open Mail

·     Click on E-mail accounts...

·     Select New

·     Enter a name for the account (ex: YourName-Valencia)

·     Enter your e-mail address (

·     Enter the same password you would use if you were on campus (NEVER SHARE YOUR PASSWORD)

·     Click Next and the Auto-Discovery should start

·     When you get the pop-up to connect to enter your user name and password. The user name will need to be entered as ""localvalencia\yourusername"" - without the quotation marks (NOTE: This did not change with the new domain)

·     Click OK

·     When the configuration completes click Finish

·     An informational box will appear advising of the change to your e-mail account on your computer. Click OK

·     Close the Account Settings window, close the Mail Setup Box, and close Control Panel


Accessing your Valencia College e-mail:

·     Open Outlook

·     The connect to will appear again asking for your password (NOTE: This did not change with the new domain)

·     A box will pop up that says ""preparing outlook"" - be patient

·     If you have rules set up in the office you will be asked to chose between client or server rules - select server

·     If there is a rule conflict you will get a pop up asking to import - select NO

·     Your mail folder for Valencia College will appear as Mailbox-Your Name and you will be able to send and receive Valencia College e-mail

(Note: This configuration will not remove e-mail from the server so the same e-mail will be available at the office or in your Outlook Web Mail)

NOTICE: The college does not provide support for Mail Enabled Cell Phones, nor personal computers and/or their applications. The following information is provided only as a matter of courtesy. OIT and Valencia Community College assume no liability for use or misuse of this information.


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