Is there a difference between the time someone said they sent it and you received it?

 The time you receive an e-mail is not always the time it was sent!

Is your e-mail time stamping correct? Is there a difference between the time someone said they sent it and you received it?

There are number of things that could delay the timely delivery of e-mail. Some of the reasons can be: the servers have received a flood of SPAM; Internet relay servers in the “cloud” may be clogged with traffic; a person’s ISP may prioritize traffic through their devices to minimize degradation of service.

If you are using Outlook as your e-mail client it shows the time you received it, not the time it was sent. Atlas e-mail (LIVE@edu) shows you, when the e-mail is opened, the time it was sent, not necessarily when it was received. But, there are some things you can do that will verify the sent time stamp.


If there is a disparity in the Atlas e-mail you may need to configure your time zone in your Atlas e-mail. When in the e-mail click options on the upper right. On the column on the left side click on settings, then click on Regional (icon is a road map). Verify that the Current time zone is GMT-5 for Eastern Time (US & Canada).


            The Outlook client uses the system time for when received, but does not display the sent time. You can add this field by:

Right mouse clicking on the one of the columns (From – Subject – Received) and select View Settings from the menu that appears.

Select Columns and under available columns (left side) find Sent.
With Sent highlighted click on Add, which moves it to the right side.
If you want to change the order you see the fields (left to right) in your mail box highlight the one you want on the far left and select move up. Do this for each item for the order you want to have it in.

Knowing this is especially helpful when students have deadlines for submitting their work.

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