How can I create an automatic reply (not an Out of Office Message) in Outlook?

Creating an automatic reply in Outlook 2010

An automated reply (not to be confused with an Out of Office Message) can be a useful to set expectations for what a person can expect next and assure the sender that their e-mail has not gone into a deep void, never to be heard from again.

The automated response should do more than simply say, “I / We have received your e-mail.” Let the sender know when they should expect a person to respond to their need.

Creating an automated response in Outlook 2010

  1. Click the FILE Tab
  2. Under Account Information click Rule and Alerts
  3. Click New Rule…
  4. Ignoring the list of suggestions click Next > on the bottom left
  5. Under Select Condition(s) check sent only to me & uncheck from people or public group
  6. Click Next >
  7. Uncheck criteria that may be selected
  8. Check “have server reply using a specific message”
  9. At the bottom (Step 2: Edit the rule description) click a specific message
  10. An e-mail window will open:
    1. Leave the TO, CC and BCC fields empty
    2. Enter a Subject for the automated response
    3. Type in your message
    4. Click Save and Close

11. Select Next >
12. Check except if it is an automatic reply
13. Click Finish
14. Click Apply

Your rule will now run on all received messages

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