Banner Password Guidelines, Help, and Policy

Acceptable Passwords Guideline:

  • Passwords MUST be a minium of 8 characters in length.
    • We strongly recommend that you have a mix of characters and numbers.
  • The password should contain at least one letter and one digit.
  • Make certain that the password is not the same as the username.
  • Special Characters NOT allowed
    • (@ ; $ & () <> = # <space>)
    • Allowed special character _ (Underscore)
  • 5 Login attempts: please note that you will have a total of 5 Login attempts (then your account becomes locked).
    • You may contact OIT Help desk at ext 5555 to have your account unlocked.
  • 30 minute session timeout after you have logged on
    • The Banner system will attribute all activity to your user id.
    • Therefore to further ensure the security your session will timeout in 30 minutes for inactive Banner sessions.
  • Make sure that the password differs from your previous 3 passwords

Password Support:
If you have password issues please contact the OIT Service Desk at ext 5555.

Changing Your BANNER Password

  1. You can change your password anytime by typing in GUAPSWD in the Direct Access Box. Click OK at the prompt to change your password.
  2. Type in your current Banner password in the Oracle Password field.  Oracle password is your Banner password. Your User ID into will display automatically.
  3. Type in your desired new password in the New Oracle Password field.
  4. Type it in again, in exactly the same way, in the Verify Password field.  
    (For security reasons, only asterisks display when you type your password.)
  5. Click the <OK> button on the screen or the save icon (floppy card image).
  6. Banner will confirm that your password has been changed.  Click the <OK> button on the message box and it will bring you back to the Banner main window.
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